Father Carey’s Pastor’s Corner
(Week of 10/09/2022)

My Dear Friends,

This weekend, we celebrate the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Gospel of the Ten Lepers is very familiar to us as it is often heard at Thanksgiving time. To remind us of the importance of being grateful, our Lord says these words, “Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?”

These words were spoken by Jesus after He healed ten lepers and only one of them, a foreigner, returned to Jesus to thank Him. Ten were healed physically of their leprosy but only one received a much deeper healing. Upon returning to Jesus with a grateful heart, Jesus said to this one leper, “Stand up and go; your faith has saved you”. Only this one leper, the one who returned with a grateful heart, heard our Lord speak these words: “Your faith has saved you”. This reveals that gratitude to God is not only our duty, it also brings forth manifest blessings in our lives. When we sincerely offer thanks to God for all that He has done, we are manifesting great faith in God as a result. We are pointing to Him and His goodness as the source of our blessings and it takes faith to see this and to profess it.

Perhaps we can ask ourselves, what is it for which we need to grow in gratitude in our lives? What is it that we may take for granted and have failed to properly return to God and thank Him for? The truth is that everything in life is a gift. Everything. Even the struggles we endure can be turned into blessings. In fact, that’s exactly what happened in this story. The awful suffering of leprosy was turned into a grace from God. Let us then reflect, today, upon all that God has done for us. And, let us pray that we will always understand all of the countless ways that God graces our lives. As we come to see them, let us ponder those blessings, count them and be grateful for them. And from that gratitude, like the healed leper, return a joyful thanks to God. In doing so, our faith will save us.

On Sunday, October 9th, parishes all across the United States and Canada will observe the first annual “Deacon Sunday,” a day set aside to inspire vocations to the diaconate and affirm deacons and their families. This new celebration comes to affirm these men who have said “yes” to serve the Church in a profound way. Deacons certainly deserve much affirmation for their tireless work proclaiming the word of God, giving homilies, performing baptisms, and witnessing marriages, among other responsibilities. And so, on this Sunday I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to our own Deacon John Rose for his “yes” to God and the many years he has given in service to our parish community as well as the local church here in Philadelphia. Deacon John was ordained in 2001 and has been tireless in his service to our parish, especially through his ministry in proclaiming God’s word, his assistance at the altar and his countless works of charity. May God continue to bless Deacon John, his wife Bette Jo and their family this day and always. God bless you, Deacon John and thank you!

With thoughts of men who are ordained deacons in the life of the Church, we also acknowledge Mr. Paul Fisher who is currently a candidate in the Permanent Diaconate Program. Paul has received the ministries of Lector and Acolyte and is currently on a pastoral assignment at Sacred Heart Parish in Havertown, PA. We thank him for saying “yes” to God as well and we look forward to his ordination this coming June. May God continue to bless Paul, his wife Maria and family!

Also on this weekend, we will celebrate the Rite of Acceptance with our Level 3 PREP children at the 10 AM Mass. These young parishioners have been preparing to receive their sacraments of both Penance and First Holy Communion. They will be recognized at that Mass and given a special blessing as they look forward to these important sacramental celebrations. Please keep them and their parents in your prayers at this time in their journey of faith.

Now that the month of October (Respect Life Month) is here, we look ahead to the Annual celebration of our Anointing of the Sick Mass. This weekend, a clipboard will be placed in the vestibule of the church for those who would like to sign up to come to this Mass and be strengthened by this sacrament of healing. The Mass will take place on Saturday, October 29th at 11 AM and a light Luncheon will follow in Assumption Hall. For any further questions or details, please call the Parish Office.

Until next week, God bless you and your families!

Love and Prayers,
Father Carey