Pastor’s Corner

My Dear Parishioners,

This weekend (Saturday), several students from Villanova University came to Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, along with parishioner volunteers, to participate in their Annual Villanova Day of Service. Every Fall, these dedicated volunteers come to offer their services to clean & “spruce up” our parish buildings & grounds. Among the many things they did, they cleaned the ovens and cabinets in the Parish Hall Kitchen, cleaned all of the pews (and cushions) in the church, the sanctuary & the choir loft. They did lots of weeding & landscaping in the back of the cemetery as well as our convent property. We thank all involved for giving of their time and dedication at this busy time of year. I hope that you will all notice a difference on our property & grounds due to their generous hard work.

Last weekend Mr. Paul Fisher, a devoted OLA parishioner, received the Ministry of Lector at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Paul is in the formation program for the Permanent Diaconate at the Seminary. The reception of this ministry is one of the first steps in his advancement towards Holy Orders. Since Paul has now been formally installed in this sacred ministry, you will notice that he will process into Mass formally, vested in his Alb, when he is scheduled to read at Mass. This shows forth the distinction between ordinary lec-tors who are deputized to read at Mass and lectors who are “formally” instituted by the Church to serve in this capacity. We continue to pray for Paul as he continues to discern his vocation towards the Permanent Diaconate.

I call your attention to the flyer that has been inserted in this week’s bulletin regarding a night of reflection we will be offering on Monday, Sept. 30th at 7 PM in the Sacred Heart Chapel. This reflection will be offered by Paul Fisher. The focus will be: The parents of St. Théresè, Sts. Louis and Zélie Martin “Transforming family life by facing life’s challenges with faith and love”. Paul gave a beautiful presentation last year around this time of year when we honor St. Théresè’s feast day. So we look forward to another beautiful and inspiring presentation this year on this wonderful saint and her parents.

I want to thank you again for your love, prayers and generous support of our parish. It is greatly appreciated. I wish you and your families a great week ahead!

Love and Prayers,

Father Carey