Pastor’s Corner

My Dear Friends,

This weekend, we celebrate the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Our Gospel tells us of the story of Saint Peter walking on the water. We are all familiar with Jesus’ miraculous ability to “walk on the waves”, but in the Gospel of St. Matthew, Peter follows Jesus boldly right out onto the stormy sea. At first, Peter glides along the squalled surface, that is until he feels the strong winds whip across his face and is thrust into the whirlwind of the tempest. Then, in a brief moment, casting his glance from Jesus to the depths of the frenzied waters, fear wells up in his heart and he begins to sink. Even as he is being swallowed up by the storm, he cries out for help, and immediately, Christ puts his hand out and catches Peter and they continue together across the breaking waves back safely into the boat.

This powerful story reminds us of the interplay between fear and faith. All of us experience fear in our lives. It is natural in the midst of the storms of our lives. But fear is an emotion, a feeling, which can cause us to either lose focus on Christ or help us to cry out for the help we need. Peter’s harrowing experience reminds us that, in the midst of our own Christian journey, sometimes the experience of fear can lead to faith. Facing our fears requires that we not lose sight of God’s presence in our lives, and we are humble enough ask for help and trust that Jesus will be there to take our hand and continue to walk with us across whatever waves we encounter.

As a reminder, our upcoming Assumption Triduum will be held on August 12th,
13th & 14th (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – 7 PM). On Wednesday & Thursday night, Evening Prayer will be prayed before the Blessed Sacrament and on Friday we will celebrate the Vigil Mass of Our Lady of the Assumption. The Festival Mass will be held at 10 AM on Sunday, August 16th. Because of the pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings, our festivities this year must be more prayerful and less social. Pope Francis recently added three new invocations to the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Litany of Loreto). It is my hope to highlight these three titles each evening of the Triduum and on our Festival Sunday to speak about the house of Our Lady of Loreto. You are all welcome to come to these solemn days of prayer and I hope that you will find them both prayerful and uplifting.

As many of you know by now, because of health concerns, Msgr. Malone is no longer residing here at our Lady of the Assumption. He really misses everyone and especially being able to offer Mass for all of you. He is doing well and I would ask all of you to please keep him in your prayers. If you would like to send him a card or note, I am sure that he will greatly appreciate it. His contact information is as follows:

Rev. Msgr. Richard Malone
Villa Saint Joseph
1436 Lansdowne Avenue
Darby, PA 19023-1218

A few people have inquired about the availability of Low-Gluten Hosts for Holy Communion at our Sunday Masses. Because of the pandemic, we no longer leave the Ciborium on the gift table as we have suspended the Procession of Gifts at Mass. However, we do have available in the Tabernacle consecrated Low-Gluten Hosts in a separate ciborium if needed. If you need a Low-Gluten Host at Mass, simply tell the usher and the usher will inform me and we will be happy to provide one for your reception of Holy Communion. The ushers are always available to answer any questions.

Once again I want to say that I am truly grateful for your love and generous support to our parish in these trying times – it really means so much. Many people have been so good about their giving and I appreciate your many sacrifices for our parish. Thank you! Until next week, may God bless you and your families!

Love and prayers,

Father Carey