My Dear Parishioners,

This weekend, we welcome Mr. Nicholas Bruno from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary who will speak to us on behalf of the Annual Seminary Appeal. Nick, a 2nd Year Pre-Theologian studying for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will provide a more “personal touch” to this important appeal. Although many of you have already received a direct mailing from the seminary, a 2nd collection will be held next weekend (Nov. 17th-18th) on behalf of this appeal. I thank you in advance for welcoming him & for your support of our Seminary.

This weekend’s bulletin includes two inserts. The first insert shows the 1st Quarter (July – Sept. 2018) financial results. For the first 3 months of the 2018-2019 Fiscal year, there is an operating deficit of $29,980. The reverse side shows Pie Charts for the Income & Expenses. 

The second insert shows the assessment that is paid to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (AOP). Each parish pays an assessment to the AOP and OLA is no different. The assessment that OLA pays offsets many costs at the AOP including ministries, safe environment, etc. Without the Assessment, the AOP would not be able to provide ministries & programs that assist & benefit many individuals beyond OLA. OLA’s assessment is based on 12.25% of income which includes 0.75% paid to the Office of Catholic Education.

The second insert also provides a pie chart which lists the departments & percentages showing how the AOP uses the Assessment that OLA pays yearly. The reverse side shows more in depth the expenses that are covered with the payment of the Assessment. I hope you will find this financial information informative & helpful. Of course, at any time, you are welcome to reach out to me to answer any further questions.

Finally, many of you have already received the letter form me regarding our Annual Parish Appeal. This appeal is very important & impacts the many capital projects we hope to address in the coming year. I am grateful to all who have already responded. I am happy to report to you that as of this writing, we have received $35,180.
I thank you for your generosity – it is very much appreciated. Until next week, may God bless you and your families!

Love and prayers,

Father Carey