My Dear Parishioners,

I have received many compliments regarding the renovation of our Parking Lot. I am very pleased with the progress so far & I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a little update.

As was mentioned awhile back, we needed to wait for the lot to “settle” before we apply the final top coat (sealant). It now looks as if this will happen around the 2nd week of October. The reason that we have been waiting so long is because our lot had to undergo considerable & extensive excavation due to the finding of tree roots, old pipe work & wiring as well as the issue of water which made various parts very soft & unstable. All of these caused some challenges, however, all of the issues were properly ad-dressed as best as possible. Having this time of settling will provide us with the best conditions to apply the final coat. We didn’t want to finish the lot in haste & then have to address a problem down the road if the lot suffered from sink-ing and/or cracking in any way. You will notice that signage is going up & a new light fixture has been put in place. I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the progress of the lot. I appreciate your patience & support until every-thing is completed.

Last Saturday, several students from Villanova were here along with volunteers from our parish to participate in their Annual Day of Service. They did a lot of work! The oven in the parish hall was thoroughly cleaned as well as all of the cabinetry. All of the pews (and cushions) in the church were cleaned, as were the Sanctuary and the Choir Loft. Lots of weeding was done in the back of the cemetery, and the convent property was weeded and pruned. I thank all who participated, and I hope that you notice a difference because of their generosity and hard work.

Love and prayers,

Father Carey