Father Carbonaro’s Farewell Pastor’s Corner

My Dear Parishioners…

For the last time I get to address you in the way I have from the beginning: My Dear Parishioners. Even as I sit here and write this, my emotions are welling up. What can I say: I’m Italian!!!

But as my emotions subside, what remains is gratitude and thanksgiving to God for my vocation, and for being able to exercise my priesthood here with you for the last four years. Gratitude always leads to an awareness of failures and limitations, which I am beset with as anyone is, and am sorry when those failures affected any of you in any way. You know what unexpected physical problems I was struck with, and I could not have found a better community which prayed for me and supported me so beautifully.

I came to know in four years what so many of you have known for decades: that, simply put, OLA is a great place! It’s not the bricks, the paint or the mortar that is OLA: it’s you! This community of faith is known not only in this area but around the archdiocese as a warm, loving and welcoming community. People choose to come here, even if they could go elsewhere, because of what they have experienced here: Liturgy celebrated reverently and beautifully, activities supported by parishioners so generously, and a warm and loving devotion to the Blessed Mother which helps define the character of OLA.

When I arrived here I shared with you that each morning I stand at my window and bless the parish. It is my way of beginning the day invoking God’s grace upon all of you. Even though my “parish” will now consist solely of seminarians, because God is everywhere, we are as close as our next pray-er, and I assure that you will remain a part of my prayer for the rest of my life.

Thank you for every act of kindness and support, and for your good example of a fervent Christian life. May God bless Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, and may our heavenly Mother surround you with her mantle of loving intercession.