My Dear Parishioners,

This past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we were privileged to celebrate our annual Forty Hours Devotion. When I arrived here, I made the decision to move these devotions from the month of March to October. The Fall is a beautiful time of the year and it was my hope that with a chance of better weather, more people would be encouraged to make daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament as well as attend the Evening Prayer and Benediction each night.

In preparation for this solemn celebration, I called upon you to ensure that our Lord would never be left unattended at the Altar during the day. Sign-up sheets were prepared and I was very happy to see that every time was filled. Likewise, as I made my own visits during these three days, at times I saw as many as five or six people in prayer. On Monday, Deacon John and Sister Kathleen took our PREP children into the church to pray with them and teach them about the Eucharist. I am grateful to them and I am sure that our children will never forget these special moments in the years ahead.

Each night we were blessed to have Father Bellopede with us who presided over the ceremonies and spoke to us so beautifully about the meaning of the Mass and the gift of the Eucharist. On Tuesday night we closed our celebration with a procession with the Blessed Sacrament and had Benediction in the Sacred Heart Chapel.

Thanks to all who made these days so special, especially our music ministry under the direction of Rick West. If you couldn’t make it this year, we encourage you to do so next year. I hope that through each and every year, participation in this important event in the life of our parish will only grow stronger and stronger. Thanks again, and we look forward to celebrating this great devotion next October!


Love and prayers,   

Fr. Carey